Main Street Vehicles

There are all kind of Main Street Vehicles. There are parade vehicles, transportation vehicles, fun vehicles, and great pieces of historical vehicles. Take a trip back in time. From Popcorn Carts to Santa Mickey in a sleigh and ever Cinderella in a carriage, every day, all day long, buggies of all kinds run up and down Main Street USA. Sit back and watch.

History of Main Street, U.S.A.

Take a one-way trip back to the days when horses walked the streets. When the pace of life went from slow to not so slow, The Main Street Vehicles are replicas of the actual transportation used in the late 19th and early 20th century. There are 5 different vehicle types. There is an omnibus, a horse car, a fire engine, a jitney or a horseless carriage.

It takes about 3 minutes to ride down Main Street in most of the vehicles. As you make the slow trip, make sure to check out the windows of the buildings that pay tribute to the “builders” of the Magic Kingdom.


Uncle Walt loved parades. The Parades at Walt Disney World come right down Main Street. There is nothing more special than sitting on Main Street during one of the parade times and watching all of those great Disney floats. The afternoon parade (Celebrate the Dream Come True) and the evening parade (Main Street Electrical Parade) both have great floats that bring joy to all who see them.


Oh, yeah. We don’t want to forget the train station. Even before you walk into the park you walk under the tracks of the biggest of the Main Street Vehicles. The Walt Disney World Railroad starts and ends at Main Street. The 20 minute ride around the park is a great way to experience history and see Walt Disney World in an interesting way.

Fun Facts

Trips down Main Street are one-way.

  • Many design elements on Main Street are inspired by Marcaline, Missouri, the small town where Uncle Walt grew up.
  • The vehicles are fitted with a special motor that makes the same putting sound as the original ones did.
  • The horses that pull the carriages are Belgian or Percheron breed. They are boarded at the Fort Wilderness lodge, so if you are staying there you can go visit them. They are sprayed off every afternoon at the Main Street Firehouse to be kept cool from the Florida sun.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Don’t ride one of these vehicles if you’re in a hurry. Have some fun. Take some lots of pictures. Enjoy the history.